Run Away Rod


#RunAwayRod Blum risked the health care security of thousands of Iowans across the state by voting for TrumpCare, but he doesn’t want to have to listen to them, shutting out Iowans not in his district from town hall meetings, and storming out of an interview when asked about his restrictive meetings (which are typically open to the general public).


Add your name >>> Tell #RunAwayRod Blum that this isn’t how democracy works.

His votes impact every Iowan, and every American. He should hold open meetings and hear from the public without trying to limit open and honest discussion. After avoiding town hall meetings for months, preventing public discussion, and storming out of his interview, it’s no wonder they call him #RunAwayRod!

Hold #RunAwayRod Accountable At a Town Hall Near You

Unfortunately, Rep. Blum hasn’t held a town hall since May 11, 2017.

Call his office today (202-225-2911) and tell him to stop running away!


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